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UK Drone Inspections (UKDI) provide a professional risk mitigated, client protected and cost effective DATA capture service using the latest UAV drones, property inspection software and automated, password protected client portal for your convenience and DATA security
"Our goal is to provide a professional and efficient DATA capture service" 

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Drones are the safest, fastest and most cost-effective inspection solution for hard to reach areas.


Conventional methods of many inspections requires the initial erection of costly scaffolding and many planning hours to create a safe environment to inspect hard to reach or structurally unsafe areas such as fire damaged buildings  chimneys, flues or roofs. We aren't saying that you will not require the scaffolding but in comparison it is cheaper to dispatch a drone first to find that remedial work only or no further work is required,  saving you and your company, time and money.


Employing a drone to inspect these areas can reduce overall project costs, create a much safer inspection process, less potential disruption to your business meaning quicker informed decision making and further reduced expenditure.


This where UKDI come in.















(and how does this benefit you?)

Risk mitigated flights with diplomatic security clearance  -

We are one of the few companies who are able to obtain permissions to fly in Central London high security zones.

Client password protected automated portal for convenience, DATA information security and easy share with clients or team members


Years of imaging experience - we know the way to get quality data for your needs

Using the latest and most advanced software to supply you the data, insights and     views you need to make informative decisions to move your projects forward.

Employing a range of highly secure media transfer, sharing and storage options. 

Quick attendance on site - we can be there fast and get you the information you need


Data supplied within 24hrs for most applications

Part of a country wide network of drone operators.

Specialist drones available on request:  

Internal LOLER lift shaft and industrial internal pipe and flue inspections

Thermal cameras

NVDI cameras for agricultural / horticultural / woodland / forestry monitoring   and survey

Always Included:

CAA compliant flight planning, risk assessment and method statements (RAMS)

Liability insurance to suit project requirements

Full commercial drone insurance


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Flight undertaken opposite the House of Parliament June 2021
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Flue inspection by Waterloo Station, London, UK

Private, Commercial or Industrial uses
Inspections and Surveys (Internal and external)
Insurance investigation of unsafe structures
3D Modelling
3D Mapping

Asset and Material Management
Orthomosaic photogrammetry
Environmental and Waste Management
Infrastructure Maintenance & Management
Planning Applications
Land boundary disputes
Land waste or Illegal waste disposal

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UKDI Square.jpg
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Alternative drone uses:

Conservation/ Tree surveys

Plant and Crop health surveying using NIR


Contour elevation mapping

Can be overlaid onto Google Maps for easy comparison

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UKDI Square.jpg
Harvest Work
Reading Map
Archaeological Map
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